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Name:Evan Brown
Birthdate:May 14

Name: Evan Brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Light Brown
Occupation: Self defense Teacher, Bounty Hunter (Retired), Assassin (Retired), Jack of All Trades Man, (Ex-)Mercenary.

Key Feature: Missing left arm from 2 inchs below the shoulder joint.

Alignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral


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Evan is an Original Character played by [personal profile] 0xymoronic and is Portrayed by HUGH JACKMAN. Sadly, there is no profit in this, though it would be nice and I’d never have to work again. I am forced to simply do this for fun and practice of writing.

Both Mun and Muse are over 18. And Will never be innocent again. Curse the internet. Curse it.

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